Monday, 30 March 2009


I am too tired to blog!

We're all here. We're all well (I'm ignoring one child's mild wheeze and another child's green snot. We are all well, we will all be well and we are most of us going to Switzerland on Saturday. Illness has no place here).

Two small children are sleeping, the third is at least silent.

The cat has decided that the cot is the best if not the only place to sleep. Until I typed that last sentence, at which point he decided to make a liar out of me.
And I, I have just paid a considerable amount of money (to our babysitter) for the privilege of acting as lavatory attendant. Normally, I count Monday night and Guides as a nicely stimulating break from life with my little people. Tonight for some reason I had to spend the evening chasing them out of the toilets, mopping the floor, walls and doors, and apologising to other people who share the building. Seriously not impressed.

Nor's GowayPhoto taken over my shoulder as he watches me type.

I'm off to bed before he decides to act as censor.

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