Friday, 6 March 2009

A blog by blog account?

8.30AM and the phone rings. Mog's old bed will be collected between 9 and 10 this morning.

Carer and I empty the bedroom to clear a space for the bed. We empty the sitting room in preparation for the new bed. Unfortunately this means the playroom now looks like this:

9.08 and the van pulls up.9.20, and whilst Mog's bed is beginning to look like this:

we have a phonecall from the company we bought Little Fish's wheelchair from. Her chair is finally repaired and ready to go, and they would like to deliver it at 11 this morning.

9.30:we have a problem; the collecting man does not have the correctly sized Allen Key. So dismantling the bed is more complicated than had been previously thought.

9.55 and the bed is finally loaded into a van, the van drives off. As the van turns the corner out of our little cul-de-sac, a large blue van pulls in and onto our driveway.It is Insignis, with the new bed.

So far, so clockwork.


Anonymous said...

Hope things continue as smoothly! Not sure I would have been brave enough to let the old bed go before the new one was on the premisis - and fully constructed!


Tina said...

wooo hooo hope it continues clockwork!

Sara x said...

Wow, see things can go smoothly sometimes. Im may continue with the prayers for you though. Hugs. I hope the new bed brings a night of peaceful sleep for mog. xxx

Elinor said...

ooh, now there's a turn up... fingers crossed!

mq, cb said...

I'm glad that it's working out. My small donation is on its way to Rosy.

Which lucky soul is going to help you put the playroom back together?

Tia said...

Thank you very much! ROSY does so much for those of us who need its support; it is a great set-up.



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