Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Are you bored yet?

And after

I'm not sure I love it but it definitely feels bigger!

Today Little Fish and I took a vanload of rubbish and cardboard to the dump. She was very pleased. I was less excited, especially when I got home and realised I had left behind half the cardboard and forgotten yet again to to take the old television that Comeback peed on shortly after his arrival.

With or without the old TV, the house is still substantially better than it was! And Little Fish has requested something else for tomorrow; will have to see what time she wakes up as to how feasable it might be.



Anonymous said...

Impressive--keep it up and you might motivate me to get going on my spring cleaning--right now I'm saying I'll wait until April sometime!

Anonymous said...

Is it spring? All this manic cleaning!
I got the perfect excuse. the building work for Celyn's adaptations starts in a few weeks. No point cleaning bits that will vanish :-)

Elinor said...

Well I'm impressed! Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

You put me to shame our house is definitely more before than after. Will keep looking in the hope that it spurs me into action.Donna


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