Friday, 27 March 2009

Like falling off a log

And just like that, we're fostering again.

Phone call at lunchtime, could we possibly take a child? Visit in the afternoon and everything still up in the air, and then finally at 8PM one child arrived with a bagful of belongings and a box of medications.

Depending on how you time it we've either been on a break for one year (since Mog's court order came through), 15 months (since Little Fish was adopted) or two years (since our last temporary addition moved on). And although I've been making mutterings to my social worker, I've been reasonably happy to just enjoy being the three of us.

This child may not be here very long - apart from anything else we're flying to Switzerland next week! But it's a start. Little Fish is very excited - or was, until the sound of loudly beeping electronic toys woke her up. And now there are three small children all sleeping sweetly, and I have syringes to sterilise and an extra set of needs to work into our regular routine. Fun times.

I knew I was cleaning for a reason!


Tina said...

So happy for you all!
I knew you were nesting see!
praying for sleep, patience, fun and laughter!

AlisonM said...

oh my goodness...that was sudden! Glad we left you all those goodies now! hope you ok, see you sunday xxx

MOM2_4 said...

Praying all the adjustment goes smoothly, especially as you are getting ready for a trip. I am sure you will make it look like a piece of cake. Hugs & prayers!


Doorless said...

Awesome. Yes, there was a reason for cleaning and a boy ! zlF will be tons of fun with a little boy to play with and mother. Dnjoy and get some breaks for yourself as you get organized.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful--I'm sure that there will be some adjustment for all--but as also sure that you're enjoying it.

sarah bess said...


Anonymous said...

How lovely, I hope LF and mog enjoy there visitor, And you were cleaning for this, Fantastic arrival.

Anonymous said...

you are, of course, bonkers!
Celyn's mummy


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